Tuesday, 25 June 2013


 Vase is a performance by Joana Cifre Cerda  in response to the painting The flagellation of Saint Barbara by Master of the Vienna Schottenstift. The piece was commissioned by The Collection Museum for the exhibition Masterstrokes: Great Paintings from York Art Gallery.

Vase aims to draw attention to issues of objectification and to question society's changes in the choices available to women in the past and the present.

Performance dates and times:
May 24th: 19.00-20.00
June 14th: 13.00-14.00
July  13th: 13.00-14.00
August 13th: 13.00-14.00
August 26th:  13.00-14.00

Photography by Marina Andrews-Cifre

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  1. I'm no expert, but your innovative and alternative descriptiveness has made me want to know more, both about you as the artist, but also how your visions create such variety and abundance of work.
    It's very inspiring and has already created 2 poems...
    P.W. x