Monday, 11 April 2011

Research for New work.

It amazes me some times how the inspiration for some work just suddenly appears unexpectedly.

Last Friday morning, I was at a lose end. I decided to go and sit on the floor of the  Greestone Gallery ( which is in the Greestone building in Lincoln and is where the Faculty of Fine Art is based). I sat in the centre of the gallery because the sun was shining there. I looked to my right and I saw this old black manequin. Something inside me told me " I need to do something with this". without any rational and following just my intuition I began a new piece of work.You can see some images above.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sartre's concept of inauthenticity

 As part of my research from my current work in progress for which I still have no title I have been reading Sartre- A begginer's Guide, by George Myerson.
I think his concept of Inauthenticity tyes in with Doris Lessing's  essay " Group Minds"
Quoting from pages 22-23 from  George Myerson's book, :

We have a basic choice in life. We can choose to be authentic or inauthentic.
To be authentic means to be experience fully the fact of our own unique being. To be inauthentic means to try to escape our own individuality, to live as you were not a distinct person. Sartre calls this 'the inauthentic mode of  "the they"'.....
.... essentially, I am living an inauthentic life when I experience myself just as if I were just one of the 'others'. I go where 'everybody' goes. I choose things not as 'me' but as one of 'they'. These choices are their choices: my clothes, my patter of commuting to work and back, my drinking in the bar.

I ask myself whether these are true choices. I think it is important to be aware of this issue so maybe we can try to connect with ourselves and be as authentic as possible. 
The process of researching and making Art makes me more aware, I feel that it helps to keep me on my toes and maybe be a "tiny weeny" more authentic.